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We've created designs for shipping companies, medical service providers, online-shops, trade centers, political parties, restaurants and bars, clean energy producers, clothing stores and even sport pigeon competitions. If you're interested in getting a brand new design for your company, event or anything else - just get in touch with us :)






Ltd. ACCENT BŪVE (Accent Buildings)

Brand identity, logo design, business card and stationery design


Description: Construction company that employs more than 50 qualified workers and provides high quality construction works, renovation, utility networks (water pipes, sewerage, heating systems). "Accent Building" stands for modern and effective results, paying an extra attention to the small details and accents.






Photographer Peteris Liepins, Peteris.eu

Logo design, business card (mini-card) design


Description: Logo made refering to the client's wish - to include the idea (in some of the concepts) of his surname "Liepins", which means a linden tree in english; or the idea of a family, as he's basicly a photographer for family portraits (one of his fields).




International S.V. Restaurant

Cocktail menu design, advertisment design for on-flight magazine "airBaltic", Xmass greeting card design


Description: Various designs for an elegant and attractive restaurant and bar based in Riga.




 eAudumi.lv (fabric online store)

Logo design, web design, banner design, button design


Description: Logo and full web design for a high quality fabric online store






Company style; logo, web, social network, advertising poster design, packaging, gift card, banner, tag, button, handout design, slogan creation; clothing design, photography, photo-editing, photo-manipulation


Description: LL JEANS - Premium Handmade Designer Denim, handmade in Latvia and tailored for each customer's specific body parameters, so that they will look, fit and function perfectly. LL JEANS construction flatters and lengthens the shape of the legs, makes the body visually look more athletic. Each pair of jeans is unique and with author's signature on a silk tag




Political party - National Aliance - Nacionālā Apvienība (Visu Latvijai!/TB-LNNK)

Logo design, advertising campaign design and creation


Description: The potential logo of the political party National Aliance ("Nacionālā apvienība")




Zephyr Furniture

Corporate identity, branding, logo design, business card and stationery design, car - bus graphic design / wrap design


Description: Company that provides furniture design, project creation and furniture manufacturing  




Ltd. Amber Bloom

Logo design; brand identity; product and packaging design, web design


Author: Ilze Skredele


Description: Innovative Latvian company that process cido, rhubarb, pumpkins, chokeberries, blueberries, black currant and cranberries into dried fruits, syrup and sweets.




Alcon Novartis

Christmas e-card design


Description: Christmas e-card design for the global leading company in eye care.




Atkal Jauns Nams

Logo design


Description: Construction company that renovates apartment buildings to maximize their energy efficiency. "Atkal jauns nams" (Latvian) = New building / house once again




"Lunch for our friends"

Advertising photography, photo manipulation, banner design


Description: Photo shoot and photo manipulation for a new catering company





Logo, web, advert-banner, poster design


Description: New and progressive Latvian art advertisment site





Trade center "Pilsētas Pasāža"

Logo design


Description: Trade Center's "Pilsētas Pasāža" ("the City Arcade") new logo design




Dr. Lūkin's eye clinic "OCCO"

Brochure, booklet design, social network design, advertising banner design, business card design; social network advertising campaign design and idea; Christmas and New Year's Eve greeting e-card deisgn


Description: Dr. Lūkin's eye clinic's brochure, social network, regular campaign designs, advertising animated-gif banner design and also business card design. Dr.Lūkin's eye clinic is one of the leading Eye Clinics in Latvia and Baltics




SaladBar (in Latvian "SalātBārs")

Logo design


Description: Logo design for a brand new healthy fast food restaurant (salads, soups, fruit, healthy drinks, etc.) based in the center of Riga.





Medical magazine "Doctus"

Advertising campaign creation and design, advertising photography


Description: Advertising campaign project for magazine's "Doctus" subscription year 2015. Based on a slogan "Medical magazine, where science meets practice and personalities" / "Only one pill for the whole month"




RS 212, Clothing

Logo deisgn


Description: Logo design for an innovative company that specializes in motorsport and extreme sport clothing produce.




Advertising poster design


Description: Poster design for the Coca-Cola Company and Active Lifestyle (Be active! - Esi aktīvs!) soccer competition "Sunday League 2012"





Logo design, business card design, map designs, flyer design, event calendar designs, banner design, partial web design


Description: Latvia's travel guide portal. Designs made after the wish of client - stork and road sign inclusion




R Birojs

Logo design


Description: Brand identity for a modern cloud accounting company





Logo design


Description: Norwegian bicycle shop logo re-design. The old one was simply a text with two rhombus and bicycle silhouettes around. The company used it for years so they wanted to keep some associations with the old logo (rhombus, yellow and black color, bicycle figure).





Skaidrite Sparks "From Flames to Freedom"

Book cover design


Description: Dramatic and hopeful lifestory of an American Latvian woman





Start Rating

Logo design


Description: Logo design for an online rating project




Wenden Furniture, TC "Spice Home"

Logo design


Description: Furniture store in one of largest trade centers in Latvia. Made by a specific wish of the client - letter "W" (from the original logo) concrete stylisation with metallic design




Online Store Perons.lv

Logo design


Description: Latvian E-Bay-like online shop with possibilities to make your own shop, sell products and shop. Word "Perons" means "Train platform" in Latvian




IMOOVE.SE /soon/

Logo, business card design


Description: Logo and company style design and creation for Stockholm based company that sells pedal go karts and makes rent points for them





Logo design, business card design


Description: Logo design for company that provides service, logging and woodworks. The main values of the company core is development, growth and energizing confidence.




  Löfbergs coffee, Officeday

Advertising banner for magazine


Description: "Löfbergs" and "Black Coffee" official distributor-  "Officeday" advertising mockup for magazine "Bilance" winter season.




Auto Lēdurga

Logo design


Description: Logo design for a car repair company





Logo, web, social network design


Description: "Acis" (Latvian word) means "Eyes" in English. Online magazine ''Eye Doctor'' celebrated its 10 years anniversary with a new web and logo design.




Fresh ART

Logo, business card, social network, pen design


Description: FreshART company is engaged in corporate and public entertainment organization, concert director and production




IRimpex GmbH

Company style, logo, business card, stationery design


Description: German company that trades and purchases other companies, sells industrial technics (mostly fans) for mines






Logo, web, business card design


Description: The official page of Latvia's Children Cardiology






Logo design


Description: Air photography and video capturing company




  Dussmann Service

Greeting card design


Description: New Year E-greeting card design for Dussmann Service Latvia in 4 languages





Ltd. "MarkoTech"

Company style, brand creation, logo design, business card and stationery design


Description: Resource managment software and consultation company for large businesses



  HOPA Technologies

Logo, business card design


Description: Car power enhancement technology company




Ltd. "KCE"

Company style, logo, business card, stationery design


Description: SIA Kurland Clean Energy brand design creation





Company style, brand creation, logo design, web design, business card and stationery design


Description: The company provides audio-video and interactive solutions. For example, projectors, interactive boards, document cameras, sound systems, etc. Name "certes" in french means "conrete"; "for sure" and it's also an anagram for one other word, I can't say which :)



  The Dr.Solomatin Eye Center

Banner, social network design


Description: One of the leading Eye Clinics in Latvia and Baltics




Mil Firewood

Business card design


Description: Firewood producing and export company




BalticCC (Baltic Car Care) www.BalticCC.lv

Logo design


Description: Company deals with car chemicals, cosmetic and care product wholesale




  Mistrus Media

Logo redraw in computer graphics


Description: Vector logo made out of small size .jpg picture. Mistrus Media is a film studio, creative laboratory and independent producer




Spotlight Dance

Business card, poster design


Description: New and progressive dance studio



  "Systane Ultra" eye drops

Banner design


Description: Company's "Alcon" manufactured eye drops "Systane Ultra"  online advertisment banner




www.PastaBalodis.com un Latvijas Pasta un Dekoratīvo Baložu Biedrība

Logo, web, banner, diploma's design


Description: Annual pigeon competition diploma design, web and logo design for Latvia's only Pigeon Union



  California Fire Protection, Inc.

Logo, car, business card, stationery design


Description: These cars can be seen daily in the state of California. They also use my designed stationery.




www.Kepas.lv /soon/

Logo design


Description: Online advertisement site. "Kepas" in English means "paws", but the customer wanted something more wild.




Ltd. "Hanza Cargo"

Logo design


Description: Logo for a land-shipping company



  Jurmala Camping, ViesuNamsJurmala.lv

Icon set design, photo manipulation, advertising .gif banner design


Description: Icon set design for the "Jurmala Camping", foto manipulation for advertising photos, animated .gif banner design



  Latvijas Keramika, PirtisUnSpa.lv, Pinumi.com, PirtsLini.lv

Advertising banner design


Description: Animated .gif banner designs for Latvia's leading ceramic producing company, PirtsLini.lv bath accessories page, Pinumi.com page and for Latvia's united Sauna and Spa online catalogue




Tuls Workforce Company

Logo design


Description: Logo design project for Latvian workforce company in Norway




PBS group

Logo design


Description: Business group (PBS builder; PBS cargo; PBS real estate; PBS metal)






Logo, banner, business card design



Description: Site about eyes and vision, one of the leading eye health portals in Latvia




Mirada Cup 2013, Mirada Cup 2014; Mirada Cup 2015

Logo design, diploma design


Description: Sport dance competition logo. The cup in the logo is made after the real and actual "Mirada" Cup







Logo design


Description: Original, unique and extraordinary gift shop online



  GAP Clothing

Logo design


Description: Participation in GAP logo design contest - voted as one of the best designs. /Note: GAP has now returned to its old logo/



  With Lace - Handmade Love

Brand identity, Logo design, Facebook and other social network design, advertising photography


Description: Corporate style and advertising photography for handmade jewelery, accessories and clothing. More photos and With Lace products can be found on their Facebook page in this link




Logo design


Description: Concept made from the idea of client



  www.the-K-market.com - World Knowledge Market

Logo design

Description: Logo for the Knowledge Market



  Baumanis Motorsport

Logo design, web design, brand identity


Description: Logo design and web design for Latvian motorsportist Janis Baumanis




  Jaunbērzi - Landscape Architecture

Logo design (re-design)


Description: Logo design for a landscape architecture and fountain building company. Jaunbērzi in Latvian means "New Birches"



  Bayer - Bephanten eye drops

Banner design


Description: "Bayer" eye drops advertisment banner design





Logo, poster, banner, social network design


Description: Design for social network page that's based on daily updates with positive quotes and jokes for business people




Beyond Infinity

Logotype design, brand identity, company style, web design, packaging design


Description: Brand identity for womens' sport clothing line.




Poster, flyer design


Description: Invitation, "Save the date" design for the leading eye health annual conference of Latvia  "Baltic Cataract Club".



  Fireplace shop HelmiksR

Business card design


Description: Business card design for one of the leading fireplace shops in Latvia



  Pilatus Publishing House

Logo design


Description: Logo re-design for a publishing house named after the famous mount Pilatus in Switzerland





Logo design


Description: Logo for a company, that specializes in gearshift restoration, marketing and exchange



  Exclusive cleaning service "Sweet D.O.M."

Business card design


Description: Made from client sent graffiti picture



  Diet Plan 

Logotype design


Description: Logo design for a company / project, that offers professional and individual diet and fitness plan creation, topical health information.




Logo design







Logo design


Description: Mobile phone online shop and news portal




Logo design, web design, gift card design


Description: Design for Linards Lacis photographer services web page




  Web designs for various companies

Web design


Author: Arundev


Description: Web design, programming and development for various companies and projects.




Projects for personal needs of our creative director Linards Lacis


Logo design, web design, business card design, poster design, .gif banner design, social network design




Teodors Lācis un Fricis Bārda Jānis Čakste   Photo studio, photo editing, photo manipulation, photo restoration

Author: Linards Lācis (UrbanPicture.net)

More info and examples about these services can be found on Linards Lacis photography page: www.lacisphotography.lv



  Uncategorized design works


Author: Linards Lācis (UrbanPicture.net)


Description: Various designs





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